Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get on the Siouxland Honor Flight?

A: I'm sorry, but you can't. We don't have any more flights from Sioux City scheduled. But you CAN apply at the national level to see if you can get on a flight from Omaha or Des Moines... Simply download THIS FORM and mail it to Honor Flight, Inc., 300 E. Auburn Ave., Springfield, OH 45505-4703

Q: Are terminally ill WWII veterans given special priority?

A: Yes. Terminally ill veterans of ANY war are given top priority to see their memorials under the Honor Flight Network's TLC program. Please call (937) 521-2400 for more details. (This is done through the National Orgnization and is not controlled locally.)

Q: How do you decide which veterans are chosen to go on a flight?

A: With the exception of terminally ill veterans, this is strictly first come, first served. All WWII veterans deserve to go on the flight; we do NOT pick and choose. We simply try to get as many WWII veterans to Washington DC as we can.

Q: Can my spouse go with me?

A: No, sorry, unless your spouse is also a veteran we simply don't have room. We realize this is disappointing as it would be wonderful to share this special day with your partner, but there are already 8,000 World War II veterans on the waiting list nation-wide. The list would be considerably longer if we allowed spouses.

Q: How much will this cost?

A: Veterans travel absolutely FREE. We will NOT accept donations or payment from any WWII veterans. The only money you need to bring is what you think you may need for souvenirs.

Guardians, however, are considered volunteers and do need to pay their way - usually $500, depending on how our fundraising goes.

Q: Can my son, daughter, grandson, etc. go as a Guardian?

A: Maybe. We'll try, but we need to keep our ratio of one Guardian for every three veterans. We choose Guardians based on several factors. Those with medical training or are active duty military personnel are given priority. We do also take a few folks from the local media as Guardians. So, we can try to have your family member go as a Guardian, but we really can't promise anything.

Q: How do you guys pay for all this? What does a flight cost?

A: It is rather expensive... Each flight from Sioux City cost roughly $92,000-$95,000. Money was raised primarily through individual contributions. We did not receive any help from the government. We had many fundraisers throughout the year, and we alway take donations -- unless you're a WWII veteran. If you're a World War II veteran you've already donated.

Q: Can you take me if I need a wheelchair or oxygen?

A: Certainly! We may need to make special arrangements for the oxygen, but the buses we use in Washington have wheelchair lifts. Please be sure we're aware of your needs on your application, though, so we can have things ready for you!

Q: What's an Honor Flight day like?

A: Busy. Generally we meet at the airport early in the morning. The flight will go directly to Washington DC with no stops. We'll get off the plane and board buses that will take us to the World War II memorial for a few hours. We'll also see some of the other memorials that afternoon -- in the past we've visited the Korean War memorial, the Vietnam War memorial, the Lincoln memorial, the Air Force Memorial, the Iwo Jima memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery. We'll do as much as we can, see as much as possible, then we'll get back on the plane and head for home!

Q: Do we need to go through security and take our shoes off?

A: Yes. There's no getting around it. It does slow things up a bit, but everyone must go through security at the airport, both leaving your home airport and leaving Washington D.C. Please don't bring a pocket knife; they don't like those. You'll need to take off your shoes and maybe your belt. If you have a metal implant of any kind, please tell the attendant and they'll let you go through the manual screening rather than the metal detector.

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